Zac, Austin & Hallie

Zac, Austin & Hallie

Our Story

lt all started with love. 

Using his kitchen stovetop, whole ginger root and herbs from the garden, our founder Austin Ashley crafted the first elixir that would evolve into Wisco Pop!. Austin and his wife Hallie were expecting and he was inspired to create a spicy elixir to bring her comfort and relief during their pregnancy. 

Our stovetop may have gotten a little bigger, but we bring the same love and attention to all of our products — making only healthful beverages from whole, organic ingredients that can play as mixers and treats for the whole family. 


Austin’s culinary adventure started in 1998 when he got fired from a landscaping job for doing wheelies in a case loader. He wanted a job that was chill and easy, so he applied at a French restaurant washing dishes. The sous chef talked to him about the local agriculture movement. It had a huge impact on his ideas of food consumption and changed his way of thinking. He moved to Wisconsin in 2000 pursuing many food endeavors such as coffee roasting, cheese making, fermenting, gardening, canning, and brewing soda of all kinds! He lives with his beautiful wife & children. He still washes a lot of dishes.


Hallie has had a long standing love affair with food that comes from the original natural source. Living in Madison in 2003, Hallie would drive two hours to get fresh milk direct from a farm to make her own ice cream and yogurt. She worked with our friends at Kickapoo Coffee Roasters since its conception in 2005. She specialized in bookkeeping, customer service, & office management. She has kept bees, chickens and loves being connected to Viroqua's rural food culture.


True to Zac’s love for local, organic, and healthy foods, his entrepreneurial adventures started 2009 with the founding of HeartBeet Family Farm.  In a creative move to develop a new avenue for his abundant produce and to explore his fascination with pizza he successfully launched HomeGrown Pizza, a seed-to-plate, wood-fired pizza catering company in 2012.  Driven to improve the sustainable agrarian economy at a more meaningful scale Zac joined Wisco pop in 2013.